Introduction to Integrity Buddies



What People Say about Integrity Buddies

Simply put, this sharpshooting program made up of a daily action plan and accountability is brilliant and life-changing.
– Dani

I’ve always considered myself a spontaneous person and had the notion that having a schedule would be a restriction for my life. This is a real paradigm shift. It’s empowering and actually freeing to be able to say for certain, “Saturday @ 10AM? Yes! I’ll see you then.” – Amanda

I can certainly say my day is more structured and less stressful. I used to say “I never procrastinate, because I plan to do things at the last minute.” My work day starts and ends earlier using the IB process leaving more time to focus on my personal life.
– John
“I started Integrity Buddies the month after my SELP finished and found that I was able to continue succeeding and having personal breakthroughs with the simple structure that it provided.  Coming from a background of having no calendar or sense of real and tangible goals, I found Integrity Buddies to be a source of freedom and commitment that allows me to declare who I am, what I’m up to, take action, and be held accountable to my word.”
– Amanda
I spent just under 1 full year participating with Integrity Buddies. The change in my life has been significant and the major breakthroughs will be with me for life. I haven’t been in calls the past couple of months and I am missing that daily practice. It is work! But so, so rewarding. Anyone who is involved is doing work on themselves that many people don’t even begin to do. Integrity Buddies is an incredible asset and something that everyone can benefit from.
– James
Joining Integrity Buddies has changed my life. I’ve met some remarkable people who have become important friends, provided invaluable insights and support for me and the work I am doing in the world. I’ve even found a business partner!
– Joe
I used to spend a large percentage of my time procrastinating, i.e. doing things to distract myself and avoid doing what I felt I should be doing. I now spend almost no time procrastinating, and almost all my waking hours being productive and purposefully doing things I am proud of myself for doing and truly enjoy.
– Jilly
The relationships I have formed through Integrity Buddies have helped me to shift long-engrained patterns of thought that were holding me back. I have learned ways to move forward from setbacks, ways to take action when I’m blocking my own progress and an entire new way of being conscious, present and powerful in my daily life. This group is a total game changer.
– Lauren


The Registration Steps
What you’ll experience Where it’s at Notes
3 minute introduction video hello
7 minute values and commitments video sorry for the interruptions in the current video.. this will be improved!
Registration $49 one time setup fee (credit card only at this point)
Onboard training 3 short onboarding videos
Agreements and Work group request Members added to slack group and assigned triad membership
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